Health insurance approved ayurveda hospital

The Insurance Company Cards which we have already serviced are:

The Indian Government after giving On-par status to Ayurveda in aspect of equal coverage under Health Insurance has made availing treatments of Ayurveda much easier. Over past 2 decades Ayurveda has increasingly become very popular and embraced by one and all. In the post COVID era particularly here under the new normal people have started using Ayurveda as the first choice of treatment.

SG as per mandatory requirement is registered under ROHINI [Registry of Hospitals in in Network of Insurance]. We will be providing all required official documentation pertaining to treatments and hospitalisation for the Insured patients to claim insurance subject to the terms and conditions of their Policy issuing companies. All treatments and Ailments are covered and treated at SG Hospital under both OP & IP.

Card holders are advised to follow the guidelines as below:

  • Ensure Card issued covers your hospitalisation or not.
  • Ensure card issued if requires Pre-approval or Authorisation before admission.
  • If required kindly do the required steps of authorisation before coming or reach out to our Help Desk for assistance by sharing your Insurance Card details and our Team will take care things as per requirements.

Upon completion of Treatment:

SG Hospital front office will give you all the necessary forms and certificates duly signed & attested by Physician under whom you took treatment.

All such required Forms and documents further need to be submitted by the Patient to his / her Insurance Company along with Original Payment Receipt either physically or via Online mode as per the Insurance Company procedures.

Registration of Clinical Establishment (Act. 1997) by Government of Tamil Nadu

ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance) is a registry of hospitals in the Health Insurers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) network, in India.